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Customs clearance in Kazakhstan - TSL BROKER

Inspection andcustoms clearance of goods in Kazakhstan, this is a prerequisite when crossing the border of goods of any category. The procedure takes place every time the export or import of goods is subject to strict control for safety. Customs clearance is a rather complicated process. Any error in the document results in a delay. Use the services of a brokerage company is much more profitable, all the responsibility falls on the shoulders of a broker versed in all the nuances and requirements of customs legislation. Professional approach to the clearance process ensures timely delivery, saving the customer time and hassle.

Customs clearance in Almaty - TSL BROKER

Entrepreneurs and businessmen often try to clear cargo at customs on their own and face a large number of legal acts and guidelines. A person without special legal knowledge of the laws can carry out the registration of the necessary documents with errors. In customs law, there are a huge number of contradictions and conflicts involved in the import and export of goods. Foreign trade participants face different troubles customs clearance of goods in Kazakhstan, it is:

  • possible refusal of the inspector to accept the declared value of the goods;
  • refusal of registration of goods;
  • the requirement to provide non-existent documents, sometimes it is completely unreasonable;
  • delay in returning the excess payment of customs duties;
  • the inspector refused to accept the Declaration due to an error in the document.

unprofessional interaction with the customs authority may delay customs clearance until penalties are imposed and the goods are confiscated. Given the above problems to solve them without the support of customs broker Almaty is extremely difficult, almost impossible. Entrepreneurs who have faced such conflicts prefer to use the services of brokerage companies with a good reputation. This approach eliminates the possibility of incorrect paperwork and provides support for legally trained professionals. Then no pitfalls waiting for the entrepreneur at customs are not terrible, the risk of export and import of goods is minimized.

Company "TSL BROKER"

Contacting company "TSL BROKER" guarantees the customer highly skilled assistance of an experienced specialist. The main activity of the organization is customs clearance, Declaration of goods and a wide range of logistics services.

the Reputation of TSL BROKERdeserves special attention. The brokerage organization was established in 2009 by a group of legally trained specialists, included in the register of customs representatives. The professionalism of specially trained specialists ensures timely cleaning of cargo, taking into account the standards and requirements of customs legislation.

"TSL BROKER"provides customs clearance services in all cities of Kazakhstan. Customs broker Almatywill conduct customs clearance regardless of type and classification. In the application of the customs regime, all the features and characteristics of the goods are taken into account, thanks to this, the customs authorities provide a positive decision on the import of goods into the country. The brokerage organization for customs clearance carries out:

  • free consultation for clients;
  • the all work on the preparation of necessary package of documents;
  • calculation of mandatory customs duties;
  • a preliminary examination of the goods;
  • Declaration of goods and submission of documents to customs;
  • receives the release of goods for free circulation;
  • organization of international and domestic cargo transportation by any means of transport;
  • tracking of cargo transportation to the destination;
  • provides storage facilities if required.

Businessmen engaged in import and export of goods should remember that customs clearance is not only a legal formality, but also a huge work of the customs broker, based on the long-term development of business.