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Cargo Customs Clearance

Advisory services in Customs legislation and goods declaring

Customs legislation is a complex and contradictory system. Customs legislation tends to constant changes and discrepancies in the rules depending on the situation. TSL Broker offers you the Customs consulting. Consultations on the stage of contracts signing for the terms of payment and delivery terms. As well as advising on non-tariff regulation, at the choice of the customs regime, etc.

Registration of LLP in Customs as a foreign trade operator

In order to import and export goods company must be registered in the Customs database as a foreign trade operator (FTO). If necessary, we can provide you the service on conditions of provision of the relevant documents.

Harmonized System Codes definition

Definition of the optimal HS codes (commodity nomenclature of foreign economic activity), and regimes of cargo issue for customs facilitation, based on the technical description of the goods (material of manufacture, scope, and other technical parameters). Professional approach to each item from a technical point of view, the protection of the interests of the client in Customs.

Calculation of customs duties and taxes

At the preliminary stage, even before the arrival of the goods, we make calculation of customs duties (for ease of calculation of cost of goods). This requires an invoice, packing list with a breakdown of the net weight of Items, as well as the cost of transportation to the customs border of the Customs Union (if transport costs are not included in the price indicated in invoice).

Customs clearance of international courier dispatches, consolidated auto cargo / railway containers and cars.

We can assist you in cargo clearance delivered by any kind of transport.

.Inspections for compliance and pre-classification of goods.

Upon the arrival of the goods, in case of need, we provide service to a preliminary examination for compliance with the goods claimed in the documents.

Registration of delivery control for TIR as well as electronic seals with SAFE package.

In case of arrival of goods by road we can take over the process of TIR closing and registration

Security for the payment of customs charges.

In case of arrival of goods by road at the border of the Customs Union in certain cases by the Customs Code it is required to confirm the security of payment of customs payments in the form of a certificate of security.

Assistance in execution of shipping documents

We check the shipping documents - invoice, packing list and bill of lading. It must be done to avoid any errors in documents prior cargo shipment. Also provide the assistance in preparing of a pack of documents required to be submitted to the customs, including already existing client documents.

Disposition of goods in customs warehouses and temporary storage warehouses.

Upon request, employees of our company place goods at temporary storage warehouse, register and open a brief declaration.

Execution of the goods declaration (DT) and other customs documents in accordance with the requirements of customs regulations.

Registration of Goods declaration (DT) and the Declaration of customs value (DTS) on the basis of the original shipping documents and confirmation of payment in the form of SWIFT (in case of prepayment). Full release of DT, conditional release of DT (in case if product falls under the non-tariff measures in the form of mandatory certification or declaration of conformity) and the Adjustment of the goods declaration (KDT).

Other actions required for customs clearance and customs control, acting as the person with the authority in respect of declared goods and vehicles.

If required, we can also take any possible additional actions necessary for the clearance of goods.

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