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Customs clearance - "TSL broker"

Customs clearance import-export, this procedure requires a qualified approach of experienced logisticians. The procedure consists in a set of required documents in accordance with the legislative norms established by the customs authorities of Kazakhstan. This includes:

  • customs Declaration;
  • calculation of duties and VAT;
  • entering the Declaration into the database;
  • verification, cost control and tax write-off;
  • submission of required documents to customs control.

Complex customs clearance process, it is better to trust experienced professionals company "TSL broker". Often there are complex and unforeseen situations that can only be solved by qualified customs brokers.

Advice on customs legislation and Declaration of goods

Experienced staff "TSL broker" provide advice to economic agents on the territory of Kazakhstan. Qualified brokers will help you to understand all the details of customs legislation that you need to know when importing and exporting goods. Comprehensive logistics services include planning and calculation of the required costs for transportation and customs clearance.

Execution of certificates of conformity, conclusions and permits of state bodies

Long-Term experience of brokers of transport and logistics organizationTSL Broker allows to carry out preliminary procedures for timely and high-quality  customs clearance of goods:

to carry out coding of the delivered goods, to define all necessary measures of non-tariff regulation, to issue in advance all necessary documents of authorized bodies.

Preliminary preparation for customs clearance eliminates the risks of force majeure during customs clearance. The list of necessary documents for customs clearance is very extensive and depends on the HS code of the goods and its characteristics:

Certification of conformity, the Conclusions of the NSC, the FIAC, export control, SES, MEMST, Licenses, Notifications, Permits to import, phytosanitary and Veterinary certificate, a Preliminary classification decision.

Selection of HS codes

Classification of the commodity nomenclature (TN) - it is quite difficult to establish the correct code, it is required to determine the totality of the classification data of the goods. Incorrect definition of the commodity nomenclature may result in financial losses.

Calculation of customs duties and taxes

Determining the amount of financial investments to be paid when importing or exporting goods is one of the most popular services provided by "TSL broker". Customs duties are the total amount of taxes payable on the import or export of goods. This includes:

  • import or export duties;
  • the
  • excise tax;
  • value added tax (VAT);
  • uniform and customs duties.

Customs broker will quickly calculate the amount of customs duties, determine the cost of goods after customs procedures.

Customs clearance of international courier shipments, consolidated vehicles/cargo, railway containers and vehicles

Cargo delivery through courier services, this is the fastest and easiest way to start foreign economic activity. The cost of goods for legal entities may or may not include the cost of delivery, depending on the terms of delivery, which must be specified in the commercial invoice. There are the main modes:

  • transit;
  • export;
  • import.

Specialists of TSL brokerwill prepare all the necessary documents, declare and process the goods without any delay. We conduct registration of declarations for goods supplied by different types and means of transport: international Express shipments, consolidated auto/freight, railway containers and wagons.

Preliminary inspection of goods for compliance

Before customs clearance, any cargo can be checked for compliance with the characteristics and parameters of the cargo declared in commercial documents with real indicators, compliance with the number of goods, weight characteristics, correctness of labeling. This procedure allows to avoid false Declaration of goods in the presence of non-compliance, which entails administrative and criminal liability for violation of Customs  and Tax legislation.  Our experts – brokers will help You to organize and conduct a preliminary inspection of goods.

Registration of cargoes at temporary storage warehouses and other operations at registration of cargoes at temporary storage

Arrival of cargo by road vehicle include the closing procedure of TIR, CarnetATA,  opening of electronic seals Safe-packages. With the arrival of the railway cargo is often required to hold accreditable at the station. In all cases, it is required to register the goods on the TSW, to carry out quarantine, radiation and phytosanitary inspections of goods. All these operations will Help you to carry out our brokers.

Assistance in preparing shipping documents

Processing  and collecting the necessary documents for customs clearance of imports and exports is an important and mandatory procedure. Employees "TSL broker" represent the interests of the client and provide a full range of customs clearance services,  including the processing of shipping documents:

    • foreign economic contract;
    • invoice and packing list;
    • transport documentation;
    • information on the origin of the goods;
    • required certificates;

the approvals and authorizations of the competent authorities.

the List of documents is extensive, so the risk of making mistakes is great, only experienced logisticians will prepare the necessary documents quickly and efficiently.

Distribution of goods in customs warehouses and warehouses of temporary storage

Employees of the transport and logistics company provide, if necessary, warehouses for temporary storage of goods until their release from the territory of customs. Goods are placed in warehouses on the basis of the contract

imported goods are placed On customs bonded warehouses before the Declaration is issued under a certain customs regime.

Registration of the Declaration for goods (DT) and other customs documents in accordance with the established requirements of customs regulations

the Declaration of goods is prepared by the customs broker or declarant with the help of appropriate software by means of electronic Declaration. One consignment is declared in one  DT. Declaration of goods is made on the basis of the accompanying documents to the goods: commercial invoices, invoices, packing lists, supply contracts, UNK, permits, Swift, confirming payment for the goods. In case of adjustment of the Declaration, the relevant document (KTD) is issued.

the Company "TSL broker" and provides additional services required for the crossing of goods across the border of Kazakhstan. In short, many years of experience in customs clearance and knowledge of all the intricacies of the legislation allows you to quickly and efficiently carry out any operations related to foreign economic activity.