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Advantages of working through a customs broker

it is quite difficult for Many enterprises and businessmen to enter the international market, so brokerage companies are relevant today, are popular in the business of export and import of goods. Only with the help of a licensed brokerage company it is possible to do the work related to customs procedures quickly and efficiently.

For optimum performance, the necessary legal knowledge and a comprehensive approach to the solution of questions of transportation of goods across the border. High level of professionalism and awareness of customs issues can avoid unexpected force majeure situations when obtaining a customs permit for export or import of cargo. According to the conventions and insurance brokerage company guarantees the complete safety of the goods and monitors it:

  • registration of cargo according to the requirements of customs legislation;
  • loading and unloading when transporting goods across the border;
  • tracking of transportation to the destination;
  • full responsibility for the client's cargo.

the Advantages of partnership with a brokerage company are in many aspects. Issues for leisure goods is carried out by professionals, versed in all the intricacies of the customs. Payment is carried out only for the executed scope of work, it is economically beneficial for the businessman.

Procedure for customs clearance

the System of trade transactions between countries is a complex and responsible process, any cargo intended for import or export passes customs control at the border. Customs clearance in Kazakhstan can be carried out independently, but entrepreneurs are aware of the advantages of brokerage companies. Therefore, they prefer to use the services provided in order to guarantee the procedure of registration of relevant documents without errors and delays of cargo at the border.

the Procedure of customs documents registration in Kazakhstan is carried out as well as in other countries of the Customs Union. For customs clearance required:

  • Contractual agreements.
  • Passport of the transaction, if the amount specified in the contract more than 50 000 dollars.
  • Waybills, invoice, cargo classification.
  • Certificates confirming payment of customs duties.
  • Licenses, certificates and declarations of conformity.
  • Contract for the carriage of goods, taking into account the contract conditions.

to Use the services of customs broker today is profitable, there is no need to create a customs clearance Department and pay monthly salaries to employees of this Department.

Customs broker - TSL BROKER

Use the services "TSL BROKER"for businessmen and entrepreneurs of Kazakhstan is economical in all respects, the rapid processing of all documents, customs Declaration is carried out on a well-established system. Qualification of declarants and brokers at the highest level, the cost of services at affordable prices.

Advantages of brokerage services:

  • Professional approach to business.
  • Getting a full range of customs broker services "From A to Z".
  • Flexible terms of cooperation, taking into account the individual wishes of the client.
  • Provision of storage facilities.
  • Transportation of cargo by any means of transport.
  • Door-to-door delivery support

If you need the services of a customs broker, choose the company "TSL BROKER" to professionally carry out the customs clearance procedure quickly, efficiently, without any problems.