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Сustoms broker company Policy

Many businessmen engaged in the export or import of goods need the service customs broker in Kazakhstan, for the correct paperwork. This service is currently relevant and popular among entrepreneurs. Given the complexity of the procedure in foreign economic activity or in the small supply of goods across the border, not everyone can cope with such a complex matter on their own, without the help of legally trained professionals. To carry out customs clearance in the shortest possible time and without unnecessary investment, you need to contact a professional brokerage company.

Today, international freight traffic is subject to strict customs control. The absence of any document or a small error leads to financial costs and delay of the goods at the border. Customs procedures have a lot of nuances in the preparation and collection of the necessary package of permits and certificates for the transportation of goods across the border of Kazakhstan. A qualified broker will perform this work accurately and quickly, acting in the interests of his client, promptly solving any problems encountered at customs.

System and process approach

The Company "TSLBROKER"is interested in increasing trade turnover in the country, and in long-term cooperation with customers. Reputation of the brokerage company at the height, here employees who passed certification work, solve questions connected with customs clearanceof any complexity. Affordable pricing and professionalism of brokers, deserves the full trust of customers.

List of services:

  • free consultation with customs broker;
  • full preparation of permits;
  • preparation of declarations and certificates for customs clearance;
  • calculations for payment of customs duties and charges;
  • collection of additional documents, these are certificates of conformity, licenses and other certificates required by customs control;
  • representation of the client's interests in the customs authorities of Kazakhstan;
  • solving problems of any complexity during customs inspection, regardless of the classification of the goods;
  • cargo transportation services, by any means of transport;
  • customers can use storage facilities;
  • tracking of the transported cargo to the destination, full responsibility for it.

The Task of the broker is not only the quality of the documents, but also to reduce the financial, time and labor costs of the businessman.

Stability and responsibility

The Quality and speed of customs procedures in Kazakhstan is facilitated by the responsibility of the brokerage company. Brokers understand the importance of every detail, providing transportation and expeditors services. When signing the contract, the brokerage company assumes all the responsibilities for the organization of cargo transportation and transportation of dangerous goods anywhere in the country.

Only with an accredited company "TSL BROKER"you can be sure of 100 percent customs clearance, without problems and customs puzzles. The team consists only of highly qualified specialists who are extremely competent in any field of foreign trade services. Taking into account many years of experience and knowledge of customs legislation, cargo clearance will take place in the shortest possible time with minimal costs for the client. The policy of the company is service at the highest level, convenience and individual approach to each client.

Import and export of goods should remember that customs clearance is not only a legal formality, but also a huge work of the customs broker, based on the long-term development of business.