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Professional experience: customs clearance of goods in Kazakhstan

Entrepreneurs engaged in import or export must pass customs inspection of goods crossing the border of Kazakhstan. Customs Clearance of goods one of the main procedures at the border, allowing to include in the trade turnover of the country products manufactured abroad. To obtain permission from the customs authorities to import goods into the country, it is difficult for a businessman to collect and issue the appropriate package of documents required by customs legislation.

It is almost impossible to pass this procedure quickly and accurately Without legal knowledge. Any, even a minor error in the documentation leads to delay of the cargo and additional financial waste. Experienced entrepreneurs prefer to contact a qualified customs broker to avoid misunderstandings on the border of Kazakhstan.

Customs Declaration of goods and cargo at the border of Kazakhstan

As a result of Declaration of goods, the state ensures the safety of the population by conducting a thorough inspection of imported goods. This procedure affects the growth of economic prosperity of Kazakhstan, the state receives:

  • additional revenues from customs duties and charges;
  • controls and prevents the export of national values;
  • provides the country, from the possibility of import of dangerous and cargo.

Customs clearance takes place in accordance with the established regulations at specially equipped customs points. The owner must specify the size of the goods, the cost, the characteristics of the goods in the official form of the document. According to the requirements of the legislation, the Declaration of goods involves filling in a customs Declaration.

Preparation of the relevant documents requires a free orientation in all the nuances of customs procedures. The specifics of the process during the transit of cargo, requires a special Declaration. The number of documents required for submission to the customs Department varies, it depends on the classification and dimensions of the goods.

Customs broker performs accurate assessment of imported cargo quickly and efficiently. Taking into account the specifics of the Declaration at the customs of Kazakhstan, determines the necessary documents to obtain a license for the import of goods of any category. In addition, the customs broker is a link between the entrepreneur and customs, always acting in the interests of the client.

"TSL BROKER" - profitable customs clearance service

Entrepreneurs Almaty, Kazakhstan can confidently apply to the company "TSL BROKER", to obtain qualified services for leisure goods. Experienced brokers provide profitable service at competitive prices. Businessman engaged in the import and export of goods will receive assistance in all respects that relate to the Declaration of goods and other operations at the customs of Kazakhstan. Customs clearance will be performed promptly and legally correctly, without wasting time.

Team "TSL BROKER" - professionals, for many years working with customs authorities, have special legal training, know all the nuances of customs clearance. The broker provides the client with transparent and fair services:

  • preparation of all necessary documents on the basis of which the goods are imported into the country;
  • calculation and payment of customs duties and taxes;
  • compliance with all customs requirements and regulations provided by the law of Kazakhstan;
  • provision of storage facilities;
  • transportation and tracking of cargo to destination.

Customs Clearance a complex and time-consuming process that requires scrupulousness and attention. Only with the help of a logistics specialist, you can conduct international transportation without nerves and unnecessary investment. Turning to company "TSL BROKER" entrepreneurs waiting, only a positive result!