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Import and export goods are subject to mandatory non-tariff control during customs clearance. Without a specific set of permits it is often impossible to carry out cargo clearance on the territory of the Customs Union. According to the legislation, permits related to customs control for the regulation of prohibitions and restrictions should be provided already when imported into the territory of the customs Union, that is, should be attached to the goods when sent. When crossing the border of the Customs Union border customs posts check the availability of appropriate permits of state bodies. The absence of permitting documents or their improper execution, any, even a minor error leads to unfavorable consequences: cargo delay, penalties or even confiscation.

Obtaining opinions from the NSC

Experienced customs specialists of the company "TSL broker" provide comprehensive services for registration of permits, providing for the issuance of opinions and permits of the NSC for the import of goods into the customs territory. The document has no validity period and is valid until the amendments to the customs legislation. The conclusion of the CBN is required for the import, export, transit :

  • computer and telecommunication equipment;
  • Machinery, equipment and mechanisms;
  • electrical equipment; parts thereof;
  • sound recording and sound reproduction equipment, equipment for recording and playback of television image and sound;
  • transit cargo with the obligation to export from the territory of the state.

the Conclusion takes 5 working days. According to the results of the conclusion may require registration of licenses or notifications.

Receiving notifications in the NSC

Registration of notifications should be carried out at import of the goods which are the cryptographic equipment having cryptographic protection of information. The list of technical devices that require notification in the Republic of Kazakhstan is quite extensive, it is an innovative technique:

  • protecting the transmission of information;
  • digitally signed;
  • capable of authenticating.

To receive a notification for the import of such equipment, it is necessary to have an apostilled (legalized) power of attorney from the manufacturer, information on cryptographic protocols and keys used in the equipment. The processing time is 10 working days.


Methods of foreign trade regulation make it possible to protect the national market of Kazakhstan. One of the tools of quantitative restrictions on exports and imports is licensing. The document must be provided for customs clearance of the goods. Types of licenses are different:

  • General;
  • single.

To Learn more about licensing, please contact "TSL broker". Our managers are always in touch, will consult and provide detailed information.

Obtaining the Certificate of State Registration for imported goods (SGR)

Certificate of State Registration is a document confirming the safety of products. Formalization of the official (SGR) requires a special approach. You want to collect detailed package documentation. It is required to carry out examination of goods, to check on hygienic and sanitary standards. Our staff will carry out all the necessary processes for the organization of examinations. The applicant is guaranteed to receive a certificate in a timely manner, drawn up according to all legal requirements, valid on all territory of the CU. Estimated time of receipt - up to two months.

Obtaining SES conclusions

Sanitary-epidemiological examination of products is necessary to confirm the compliance of the object of study with the requirements of the Kazakh sanitary legislation. Human health and life - the main purpose of the examination, confirming the environmental friendliness of goods, safety of use. SES conclusion is a mandatory document for many types of products. Processing time from 1 to 3 days.

Obtaining phyto-sanitary certificates

Plant products are subject to Careful control. Phyto-sanitary certificate can be obtained after providing the necessary documents and inspection in warehouses with the goods. Obtaining a certificate allows you to legally and safely transport plant raw materials, products or materials, both domestically and for export to other States. Term of receipt from 1 to 3 days.

preparation and approval of the MINISTRY, the Ministry of health, Ministry of Finance, Ministry of interior and other government agencies

Many Years of experience in the field of logistics and customs clearance services allows TSL Broker specialists to help clients obtain approvals and permits from various authorized and state organizations. Legal knowledge and professionalism of specialists - is a quick solution to these problems.