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Transport and logistics company "TSL broker" organizes international cargo transportation (turnkey), providing a comprehensive service for the organization of transportation from the moment of application. All you need is a description of the cargo, its weight, number of seats,  the size of the packaged products and the destination. Transportation of export, import, transit cargo is carried out by any type of transport in a timely manner, without delays and any force majeure situations. Trust the professionals!

Air Transport

Air delivery is a rather expensive method of exporting or transporting imported cargo, but also the fastest, especially for large goods. For many organizations, high-quality Express delivery is an important factor affecting the prosperity and stability of the business.

Entrepreneurs of Kazakhstan often use aviation vehicles. The high level of quality of services is no less important in the development of small and medium-sized businesses in foreign economic activity. As a result, every year the interest and demand for the delivery of goods by air is growing, especially when transporting perishable products.

Road Transport

delivery of goods by road is a popular form of international transportation. Delivery depends entirely on the organizational work carried out by employees of transport and logistics company "TSL broker". Full safety of the imported goods is guaranteed, tracking passes all the way to the destination.

the Basis for successful and timely delivery is the qualified assistance of specialists in choosing the optimal route. Before sending the import or export, the goods are consolidated in warehouses before shipment. Brokerage assistance includes a full range of complex logistics services.

Rail Transportation

when Considering the delivery of goods in wagons or containers by rail, you are convinced that this method is the most cost-effective, especially if the combined or whole cargo is transported in containers. This transportation gives a huge opportunity to move large batches of wholesale orders. Tracking and insurance, gives confidence in the safety of import and export goods.

the Cost of rail transportation services will satisfy businessmen who have every penny on their account. The cost-effective costs of rail transportation are combined with the confidence of timely delivery within the agreed time frame.

Professionalism of logisticians is a timely delivery of cargo

Company "TSL broker" is engaged in international transportation on a well-established plan. The primary task of customs brokers is a well-thought-out and well-developed logistics  from the point of departure through the customs border with further plans to move to the destination. Calculation of the cost, preparation of the necessary documentation and permits are taken by qualified professionals of TSL Broker, who will accurately carry out customs clearance. Delivery is carried out on time, which is specified in the contract with the customer. Any delay in the journey is compensated, although such cases are reduced to zero.

types of goods confirmation from certifying bodies that the goods are not subject to obligatory certification is required(in cases when they arrived in single copies for the following purposes - the advertizing purposes, own needs, laboratory and research works). This is confirmed by letters of explanation from the Metrology Committee or certification bodies.